Michael Gallacher                                        

 I have been painting for many years and taken much pleasure in the landscape around me. I began my training in water colour taking my guidance from established artists such as James Fletcher Watson and Roland Hilder and began to appreciate their interpretation of landscape and seasons.

 I am fascinated with waterscapes such as harbour scenes and rivers; it is where the artist can use reflections in water to lead the eye to the subject that they are trying to capture. I realized the importance of going outside to paint, observing real colours and perspective, it is only then that nature reveals some of its mysteries. This is known in the art world as ‘Plein Air’ painting.

Other artists who have influenced me greatly are John Stobard the famous maritime painter not only for his wonderful work but also his outlook on life as an artist, and David Shepherd famous in this country for his wildlife painting also his aviation subjects and locomotives.

 It was due to these influences that I started working in oil and acrylics in order to give more depth of colour to my work. Now as I travel this country and abroad with my wife Maggie I can enjoy recording some of the places we visit and hope to reflect them in my future paintings.


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 Michael Gallacher